You Are Imperfect.

Perfection is the destination,

And self-awareness is the journey we have to travel to realize we can do better than our best. There is always room for improvement no matter how better we may look in our eyes or before our admirers. This is not to disparage our conscious efforts of improving our worth and bringing value addition to society. It is a reminder that the man or woman you are currently can be upgraded to a better version.
We do it to our mobile phones, tablets, and computers. The experts call it a software update. An upgrade that is meant to add extra features to the existing software or make it run more smoothly than before. The update could have an antivirus to fix the current broken version of the software and fortify its security. As much as the current software is the best at the moment, a future update makes it even better. This is akin to our lives. We should not settle at our best.

Change is inevitable.

The best assurance in life is that change is a constant. Evolution does not spare anything under the sun. Our personalities are put to the test and we have to adapt to change. You have to appreciate that you are not the final product but a person under constant guidance and correction.

Work in progress is not judged based on its current performance. Everyone appreciates that it is incomplete work and time is the bridge to be crossed before there is perfection. Give yourself time to grow into the person you desire to become someday. The people you idolize and look up to were at one time at a beginning phase lacking in all the things they now have in abundance.

Patience pays.

The startup stage is where your patience is put to the fire and tested. It may seem slow and unfruitful but so critical is it that once messed up, multiple problems arise. Avoid rushing to be successful because of peer pressure or external influence from whatever quarters. Yes, desire success and work towards being successful but never hasten the process. Accept that you are a work in progress and taking valuable life lessons.

Learning is endless.

Work in progress is supervised by an experienced person and worked on by other skilled hands. Everybody you meet in life is put in your path to teach you, either from their success or failures. The people you consider of less value in your life are also important because you will learn from their mistakes.

Experience is the best teacher. The experienced people you meet will shape you into becoming a better person. Settle on mentors whose visions align with yours, walk in their footsteps and rest in their shadows. You will learn what is not taught in classrooms and they will mold you to be like them. Watch and learn from them with the submission of an astute student.

As a work in progress, associate with people higher in the food chain. Your vision will grow bigger and they will infect you with success. Both ignorance and success are contagious and this is to inform your choice of friends. Your progress in life shall not be slowed down when you are in the right company.

Seek feedback.

Work in progress is not stagnant. A degree of change will be seen by those around you and you will get feedback as to the kind of person you are evolving into. Listen closely to what is left unsaid by your colleagues, peers, and those around you. Is there any noticeable change your workmates have observed?

Can those around you attest to any change in your lifestyle? If the answer to any or both of these questions is affirmative, then you are indeed living the philosophy that you are a work in progress. If the answer is negative, you need to re-learn and work towards your purpose to attain growth.

Submit to authority.

Rebuke the wise and they will forever be grateful for your reproof. It is only fools who despise correction. As a person who is a work in progress, you will err, trip, or fall in your journey. This does not halt your journey in any way. It shall continue nonetheless.

Your mentor or authority will be there to trim your excesses and rebuke your ignorance. It is perfectly normal to make mistakes. It is okay not to know it all at the moment. Own up to your mistakes gracefully and do not despise the rebuke of an authority. This will cement your progress in life.

Knowledge is power.

Progress is made on the premise of knowledge acquired. Seek knowledge by all means and the wisdom you amass will come in handy to arbitrate conflicts and solve problems. The knowledge you acquire will also help fortify your personality and build your frame to transform you into the person you desire to become.

Stand out!

What sets you apart from everyone else? It is the value you bring to the table. Your knowledge of the intricacies of matters will augment your value to become the prize everyone will want to have. Being a work in progress is measured against your base of knowledge and how you apply it in life. If it is in tandem with your purpose, then you have hit the jackpot.

Work in progress is sometimes rough and messy. It is not all rosy and fancy. You should be prepared for casualties and sometimes fatalities in the process of work. It is also costly especially when you do not have the financial muscle to pull it up.


In conclusion, as a person undergoing facelifting of some sort, you should be prepared to even lose some of your friends. It is all in the process of being a work in progress. You will shed some of those you considered your bosom buddies because they probably do not align with your vision. Remember that the best assurance is that change is a constant.

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