Why Everybody Needs a Happy Place

Tired of living a life devoid of happiness and joy? A life full of worry about both the present and future? You’re in the right place. Come on in and let’s find your happy place.

A lot of people say that happiness is subjective and based on various factors but deep down, we all know if we’re happy or not. This said, I’d like to bring in some statistics so you can gauge where you lie.

Did you know that only 31% of Americans consider themselves genuinely happy? This comes from a poll conducted by Harris Poll Happiness Index. So what exactly is weighing down the other 69%?

Although each of them one has an individual answer to this, the theme that cuts across is little hope and motivation for the future. They view the future as bleak so they carry on their days with no ambition and settle for the life they already have, even if it’s not what they want.

So how can you avoid being a part of these statistics? By having your very own happy place. A place where your worries don’t exist anymore and you can throw caution to the wind. It brings about mental stability, enabling you to take charge of your life once more.

That leads to the questions, what and where exactly is a happy place? According to Cambridge Dictionary, a happy place is a location, a memory or even an activity that makes you happy.

Today, we’ll talk a little bit more about these three. We’ll also find out how practical they are and at the end of the day, you’ll be able to find your own happy place.

  1. When your happy place is a specific place. (Location)

    In my eyes, there’s little that compares to run-away days. When you pack your bags, leave the city and go to a place far away from all the hustle and bustle of life. A place where the air is fresh, the sky is blue and the weather is warm.

    When you can sleep in without worry, wake up to sleep some more on the green grass as you sun bask. Or a place to go on a romantic getaway with your partner after a stressful period.

    Although this is an amazing escape, there’s only so many times you can do this in a month or a year. That brings us to the next point, turning your happy place into your home and just like Louise Hay said “My home is a happy place to be. I bless everyone who enters, myself included. Pleasant experiences fill every room.” .

    You can do this by actively decorating it with things you love. Be it plants, wall art you like, home decors or painting your walls warm homey colours like yellow. Every time you’re leaving work, you’ll genuinely be excited about going home, as you’re going to your safe and happy place.

  2. When your happy place is a Memory.

    Let’s say it’s 3 pm at the office, you’re still stuck on the same tedious task since morning. You know very well that you’re close to the breakthrough but it’s still pitch black. In this situation, you start doubting yourself and thinking that maybe you’re not as good as you thought. Maybe you don’t deserve that job and someone else should have it but you.

    In that moment when your mind is filled with all these negative thoughts, take a deep breath and think back to a time when your boss commended you. Or a time when you had a breakthrough and took the company to the next level.

    Or take a moment to daydream about the dream house you’ll buy once you get a promotion by doing the job well. Visualise how the house looks like, it’s location and even the aesthetic it will have.

    By doing this, you empty your mind of negative thoughts and fill it with positive ones. Even though nothing has changed externally, everything has changed internally and when you get back you’ll have more zeal to continue with the task at hand .

    Sayed Ahmed once said, ”A happy place is a place in our minds where we can get away from all the problems and relax or meditate to release stress when life gets too overwhelming.”

    So whenever you’re in a stressful situation, mentally shift your mind to your happy place and watch your joy return to you.

  3. When your happy place is your passion (Activity)

    Wouldn’t life be so much simpler and happier if you did one thing each day that brings you joy?

    I’m going to show you exactly how to turn your passion into your happy place. The first thing is to identify an activity that makes you feel alive. This varies for everyone including couples, what your spouse loves might not be what you do. So dig deeper and identify this.

    This might include arts like music, writing, listening to podcasts or an outdoor activity like going to a museum or even biking.

    Make time for this at least once a week, you can do it everyday if your schedule allows you. Each time you engage in the activity, your mind lets loose and recharges itself. Making you a healthier happier individual.

    Just like Sunday Adelaja put it, “There is no other position and no other place where you will be as happy as the place of your calling.”

    Final Thoughts

    Everyone deals with stress, anxiety and worry differently. A good way to deal with those is to go to your happy place. Be it the physical location, mental location or even doing something that brings you joy. Regardless, they have the same effect of reducing your stress levels and making you relaxed and more joyful.

    Don’t hesitate to take as much time as you need in your happy place. If you can get away for a weekend, great. Even if it’s just a few hours or a few minutes, being in your happy place will greatly boost your morale. Rest, recharge and come back with zeal.

    So what is your happy place?

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