The Untold Secrets of Abundance Living

What is Abundance?

Abundance is having an ample supply of the good things in life. It’s about being happy and content with the current life one has.

A lot of people only have a vague idea of what abundance living is about. So today, instead of just a piece, I’ll serve you the entire cake. Here are the untold secrets on how to live an abundant life.

Enjoy Life

Life is for the living. You should live life to the fullest. Do the things that you enjoy doing for instance if you love reading make sure you do so every other day if not daily. Secondly, create time and assign resources to fulfill your dreams together with your loved ones. It gives a lot of joy when one loves, cares, laughs, and shares with those that matter to him in life. Do not shelf your aspirations but rather make them happen.

Learn New Skills

No matter your stature in the community, you cannot be all-knowing. There is always room to learn something new. Identify new skills that you would love to learn. Get the required resources and allocate time. Every new skill learned brings a sense of achievement and by extension fulfillment.

Rise Up Early.

Start your day early. This is synonymous with living your life to the fullest. It gives you sufficient time to start your day on a positive note. This is through communing with God via prayers & other types of worship, stretching your body through exercises, taking a shower and having a hearty healthy breakfast to jumpstart your planned activities of the day.

Time Management

Proper use of time is advisable. You should prepare a work plan and stick to it. Working without a plan is tantamount to failure. Every activity, be it big or small should be executed at the assigned time. Good time management is a vital tool in ensuring that one achieves his set goals. Time management compels one to stay focused and organised.

Identify Your Strengths

Recognize your strengths and build on them. Once you identify your strengths, the next step is to acquire the relevant skills. This will enable you to be competitive in the field or position you desire to pursue. If you identify teaching as your cup of tea, then work towards being a trained teacher. Enroll in the relevant teachers’ training college and attain the required skills. That way, you arm yourself with the appropriate tools to tackle the tasks to the best of your abilities.

Never Lose an Opportunity

After identifying your strengths and gaining the requisite skills, the next stage is utilizing all the opportunities that are available. Never miss an opportunity to advance yourself. You have to be proactive. You have to know your field well and stay relevant to prevent opportunities slipping through your fingers. Get connected with the right people. Network. People in the same profession will go a long way in advancing your cause.

Celebrate Success

All success should be celebrated. No matter how small. Celebrating your success is a sign of appreciating oneself and the milestone achieved. It gives one happiness and fulfilment. Celebrating success in addition propels one to desire to achieve more.
You should also celebrate other people’s achievements. Lack of appreciating others milestones translate into jealousy. That is a no go zone for abundant living.

Have Few True Friends

Man is a social being. He has a need to belong. You should therefore have friends. However, friends can make or break a person. To that end you should surround yourself with few true friends. Some of the characteristics of true friends include loyalty, kindness, honesty, selflessness, and humility. True friends will not derail you from your tracks. They will walk with you in good and bad times, cheering and supporting you all the way.

Always Wear a Smile

You should always smile no matter your circumstances. Think of what you have or what you have achieved. There is always something positive to rejoice about. Smiling also relieves stress. Try it and you will realize how rich your life is. You will understand that you are self-sufficient in achieving happiness and contentment. Your happiness is not dependent on other people or material things.
Smiling is reciprocal in nature. Once you smile, you will be amazed by the smiles you will receive. When you smile, you uplifts the hearts of those undergoing difficult situations.

Stay Connected with God

Man is a spiritual being. For believers it is advisable to stay connected to the superior being they worship and believe in. For Christians, reading the word of God from the Bible, praying, praising God and loving one’s neighbours make the man/God relationship healthy. This relationship makes the believers happy as it assures them of eternal life with God.

In addition Christians are assured of abundant life by the coming of the son of God. Jesus professed that he had come so that those that believed in him would have life and have it abundantly.

As a Christian, when you abide by the laws and teachings of the Son of God, prosperity, good success, good health, prosperity of the soul and anything else that you will require will be provided exceedingly abundantly.

Sharing Abundance

Sharing of abundance is a trait you should acquire in your pursuit of abundant life. There is no greater feeling than that of sharing. Uplifting the lowly, giving to the needy be it materially or otherwise makes the giver and the recipient gratified. Sharing should not only resonate with the rich. Every human being has something in ample supply that he can share with those with short supply. They include things like love, time and expertise among others. Volunteering to support homes for the elderly and children’s homes by donating man hours is an example of how people can share their abundance.

Learn to Forgive and Forget

You should also acquire the art of forgiving, be it others or oneself. When you forgive, you forget unpleasant things in the past and forge the way forward. It helps you discard excessive baggage of bitterness, anger, mistrust, heartache and stress among others. Forgiving gives you peace of mind. When you forgive and forget you are able to learn from those painful experiences. You consciously choose to forget the wrong done to you.


At the end of the day, living an abundant life makes you realize what a beautiful world it is. Everybody has what it takes within themselves to live a happy life. Don’t forget that an abundant life is not dependent on others but on you. All the best.

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