How Do I Find My Real Life’s Purpose?

One of the biggest challenges we face in life

is determining what we want to do with our lives.

We are all born with a set of talents. If you are lucky enough to discover yours in time, after persistent practice you can turn your talent into skills.

For some, their purpose in life is clear. But, if you are like most people, you don’t know what your life’s purpose is. You stand at the crossroads of life and when you seek advice all you are told is, “Follow your purpose”.

So, you find yourself asking: ‘What is my life’s purpose?’, “What am I doing with my life?’.

If you want to be happy, fulfilled, content, and experience and satisfaction, then finding your purpose matters.

Knowing what you want to do with your life will get you through the most difficult times. When you are experiencing a bad day, making time for your purpose can give you a sense of relief and a moment of freedom.

You have a successful career, but it doesn’t excite you. You might have a wonderful family, a strong social network, and a sustainable means of livelihood, but somehow you feel stuck. It’s like something is somehow missing from your life.

Sounds familiar?

I’ve been there. Do you want to know a secret?

Your purpose is not something you need to create; It’s already within you.

In this article, I’m going to show you the simplest way to discover your purpose and create a life of joy and happiness.

Determine What’s Preventing You from Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Discovering your purpose is a tool for better, healthier, and happier living. For most people, finding the “one” thing they enjoy doing is difficult. 

You may enjoy what you are currently doing, but on a much deeper level, you’ll realize that you are passionate about something else. 

When seeking your life’s purpose, there are some challenges and obstacles that draw you back. Challenges like family validation, peer pressure to follow a laid-out path, prioritizing money instead of doing the things that make you happy, or even feeling it’s too late to change your course.

I want you to know that those are all myths that are holding you back. 

Move on from every obstacle

When seeking your purpose, there will always be problems that will surface and hold you back 

Once you have identified the possible factors holding you from finding your purpose in life, you can silence them and follow your true calling.

Ignore every factor or outside influences that point you in the opposite direction of your passion. You’ll discover that your true passion isn’t that hard at all.

Thankfully, you have the inner self that guides you as you navigate through life. If you enjoy what you are currently doing, then you are on the right track, if not, your inner self will let you know that you are not following the right steps to success. 

Explore Things You Love Doing

One of the best ways to discover your purpose is to explore the things you love doing. Ask yourself:

      • “What do I love doing?”
      • “What ways do I express my love for it (them)?”

I enjoy seeing people around me happy and achieving their goals, that’s why I write, share books on motivation, success, and self-help. That’s my purpose – to help others create the life they desire.

These are things that come easy to me. Though I spent a lot of time mastering these skills, what’s the essence of life if it doesn’t mean sacrificing a bit?

For someone who loves playing the Guitar, he/she must spend quality time practicing, even if it means giving up the hours you spend watching TikTok. However, this must feel natural and not a burden to you. 

Let Go of Your Fears

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles that’s holding people back from discovering their purpose in life. We often tell ourselves stories of what we can and cannot do and it kills our confidence to take action. This prevents us from achieving our goals and desires.

Fear creates a hindrance to realizing our goals and dreams, and in the process, robs us of our confidence in life. 

Today, start by making a list of things you fear about your purpose. What part of the process of discovery overwhelms you? 

Once you have identified what, find ways to prove to yourself that it is all a myth. 

For example, your fear could be that you think it’s too late to change your life’s course. 

You tell yourself that you have a loving family and friends that will support your dreams at every stage of your life. 

Align Your Goals with Your Life’s Purpose

Once you are clear about what you want, you should organize all your activities around it. Everything you do should be an expression of your purpose. 

Aligning your goals with both your professional and personal life is important. Nurture yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually to stay energized and motivated throughout the journey. 

If an activity or goal isn’t taking you a step closer to where you want to be, then it doesn’t fit. 

That doesn’t mean that you need to change your life at once. You can lean towards it 0.01% every day. 

Start living your purpose a little more every day and pay attention to the energy you are sending to people and how you are feeling. 


Finding your life’s purpose doesn’t need to be as hard as it sounds. We can all discover our true purpose if we take time for ourselves to be in our own space. We can find what’s missing and take realistic, actionable, and baby steps to fill the void in our lives and act on our dreams and ambition. 

I have a little task for you. Think about your true purpose. Assume that everything is perfect right now. What does the world look like? What do you find yourself doing? What does it feel like?

Write down your answer in the present tense and read it like a statement. Your life’s purpose has to be something that will have a significant and positive impact on creating your dream world. 

And remember, nothing works until you do.

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