Pay Attention to Your Spirit.

Have you met your spirit?

Would you be happy to be introduced to yourself? Everybody loves to meet and interact with courteous people. There is a category of people we would love to meet. Name it: considerate, loving, understanding, and all the best adjectives that can fit their description. The million-dollar question is whether we are those people ourselves.
If you would neither be pleased nor ready to be introduced to yourself, whom do you expect will love to meet you? This is a clarion call for you to be in the best state you can ever be. You are your spirit. Your spirit is the invisible version of yourself. Knowing this, you have met your spirit.

The role of your spirit.

With the benefit of hindsight that your spirit is the invisible version of yourself, you are better placed to understand its role in your life. You greatly influence the role your spirit plays. The buck stops with you with nobody to blame when things go south. Fix yourself and you would have by extension fixed your spirit.

Who is the bigger man, you or your spirit? It is the latter. Your spirit is supreme because it represents your reasoning, awareness, and receptiveness to your environment. There are things that only your spirit can sense and pass the message to you albeit that probably you cannot decode the message correctly or not at all altogether.

When you accurately decode communication from your spirit, you will be prepared to face anything that comes your way. You can identify lurking danger, perceive enmity from afar, and identify lifetime opportunities to leverage on. There is a handful of abilities that your spirit puts at your disposal. The hindrance is a communication breakdown between it and yourself.

Is your spirit always right?

Your spirit is rarely wrong and you can be hardly right. What brings the difference is that you are prone to negative influence while your spirit can maintain its purity except you contaminate it. We are products of our environment and we cannot separate ourselves from the errors it contains.

You ought to pay attention to your spirit more than the way you do to other people. Put faith in it more than the opinions of other people and you will not be disappointed. Friends can let you down, and relatives are no better but your spirit will always save you from traps put your way.

How your spirit communicates.

Your spirit communicates in a very subtle way that you can easily ignore or assume. Your undivided attention is required if you are to understand the message it is passing to you. Sometimes the message is complexly encoded for you to decode rightly within a shorter time. The good news is that you can master this skill as time goes by until your mind and spirit are synchronized.

You could have an urgent sense of hurriedness to leave or panic. This feeling is unexplainable. When this happens, your spirit is warning you that something bad is either about to happen, in the process of happening, or has already occurred.

Sometimes you could be overwhelmed with Joy that you cannot explain. You just feel happy for no reason at all. You could get ecstatic out of the blues. This is an indication of good things about to unfold and your spirit is breaking this news to you.

You may meet someone and immediately doubt him and feel unsafe in his presence. You may also feel safer with some strangers than you have been with familiar faces. Your spirit is signaling you about the type of company you are keeping.

You may regret later when you find yourself in irreversible situations if you do not take heed of such communication from your spirit. Pay attention!

Relate with your spirit.

What relationship do you have with your spirit? Is it healthy, broken, or non-existent? When you are in disconnect with your spirit, you will not be notified of anything coming your way. You will bump into occurrences when you are unprepared. Things will come as a surprise to you and you will mishandle situations because you were ill-prepared for them.

If your relationship with your spirit is healthy, you are better poised to face situations because you would be having an idea of what to expect. You can prepare on how to combat challenges and respond to them appropriately.

Think of your connection with your spirit as to how you receive notifications on your mobile devices. In this era, people take their mobile phones with them everywhere they go. This is to enable them to be in touch with the world. You can receive communication on your device as long as there is a network signal.

Similarly, as long as you are connected to your spirit, you are assured of communication about the immediate or distant future.

How to connect with your spirit.

You can connect with your spirit by engaging it frequently. Go for yoga, take time to meditate deeply in a serene environment to have some time away from the busy world.

You can call out your spirit when it is wandering in a desert of thoughts. Your spirit knows the voice of its owner just like sheep know the voice of their master.

You cannot maintain your identity in a crowd of people. They will assimilate you into their opposite characters and influence you into foreign practices. In such situations, you are in disconnect with your spirit.

You can face your demons in calmness because there is no interruption. Your connection with your spirit is stronger here. Your spirit is like a muscle that only gets stronger when you exercise it. The more you connect with it, the healthier your relationship gets.

Walk in the spirit.

In conclusion, two people cannot walk together unless they agree. Likewise, you cannot walk in the spirit unless you have a healthy relationship with it. Everything requires practice. Do not give up, you will soon be able to effortlessly pay attention to your spirit.

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