Smooth Seas Don’t Make Skillful Sailors (My Thoughts On Failure)

You got knocked off your feet by situations beyond your control.

Maybe it was a bad divorce that rocked your world

Maybe it was a sweet friendship that turned sour. Or maybe you got laid off at the brink of a promotion. And now you probably struggle to accept the harsh situation you’ve found yourself in.

Life, as we’ve come to know it, is full of surprises. If anything up there feels like a familiar situation then you’ve experienced what I call a rough sea.

A moment when the chaos in our lives is at an all time high. And burying your head inside an ice cream box feels right.

But just like skillful sailors, you can navigate the waters of failure. And create masterful ways to keep your head above water. So you can ride the waves to success.

As a friend of mine says, failure isn’t denial. And every success story passes through a chapter or place called failure.

So, here’s my invitation for you to see failure through a different lens – One of opportunity.

Because we’re all going to experience it, so you might as well be better prepared.

The Architecture Of Failure.

If you’re going through a struggle and trying to see the light, here’s my tip: Look into the darkness.

Because opportunities form the foundations of failure. Don’t get distracted with how daunting your pain is. Look deeper at the treasure chest of lessons waiting for you.

Because at its core, failure is just an experiment gone wrong. And like every experiment, it can be reversed.

You can take a step back to look at the moves you made. Or pull back the curtain on the decisions you took.

You see, life is a class that’s always in session. And every good student knows that failure is not losing but learning.

Failure should be viewed as an experiment with a deeper, more positive meaning to it.

It’s an asset that shows the way, by showing us what is not the way.

You tried to sell your book on a Whatsapp group without success? So what? Now you know what doesn’t work.

As Thomas Edison rightfully put it “I didn’t fail 1000 times, I’ve found 1000 ways that didn’t work.

Failure offers opportunities to test your resolve. Like every captain’s skill is built on the toughest waters, your trials forge your strength of character.

It’s a building block of experiments with enormous upsides; You come out smarter, and stronger.

The Best Response To Failure.

Most times all we need is the right ingredient to cook the best version of ourselves.

For most people, failure is that ingredient.

But it’s how you respond to it that makes the difference. Whether it will be the ingredient that propels you forward. Or the cog in the machine that holds you back.

This section is about the RIGHT ways to respond to failure when it comes knocking.

Because as the captain of your ship, your reaction to the storms shape the rest of your journey

Accepting Reality.

Most people have a hard time accepting the harsh reality of failure. Because it’s a huge blow to our ego.

Especially after the time and effort we put in to succeed.

But denying its presence makes things worse. Accepting reality gives room for self evaluation.

It allows you to process things in a logical manner, and highlight your prior mistakes.

Focus On Things In Your Control.

No one wakes up in the morning saying “Dear God, please send more failure my way”

If it were possible, we’d love never to go through the pains of failure. The problem most people have with failure is that their actions cause them to fall deeper into mistakes.

If you’ve recently experienced any form of failure, don’t be hard on yourself. Focus on things you can control.

Put in more effort to things within your reach. Who knows, you might just turn things around for yourself.

P.U.S.H ; Persevere Until Something Happens

Once failure strikes, most people want to give up.

On a deeper level, giving up is the only true failure. At that point it’s certain you’ll never succeed because you’ve thrown in the towel.

When life knocks you down, dust yourself, and get back up. Keep going. Stopping means you never get to complete your journey.

And if it’s something you truly believe in, then your best option is to not let the pain phase you.

Sure, it’s easier done. But everything makes sense in retrospect.

When you look back at your never-give-up moments, the joy of success will overshadow any pain you felt.

Study What Went Wrong.

You can shortcut your way to success with a little self reflection.

When something blows up in your face, retrace your steps. There’s probably something you didn’t get right or could have done better.

It’s hard to admit our mistakes. Acknowledging our missteps can feel like a slap to our cheeks. But that’s how you make sense of the whole picture.

It’s also the best way to escape the mental loop of being preoccupied with your frustrations.

Wrapping It Up.

I hope that this article spoke to you the loudest. Because failure is a stepping stone to your success.

So lean into your mistakes. And let them mold a better version of you.

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