Improve your Quality of Life with Biorhythm

What exactly is Biorhythm?

It comes from the word Bio meaning Life and Rhythm meaning Cycle. Hence Biorhythm is a repeated and recurring cycle in a living being.

The universe we live in undergoes this as well. The moon takes 28 days to rotate around the earth and the earth rotates around the sun in 365 days, giving us hours of daylight and hours of darkness each day.

Just like everything else in our universe, humans too have cycles. The Biorhythm helps us understand what these cycles are making sure that we are in line with the universe.

In this article, we will find out how to predict and avoid disasters before they occur using Biorhythm. How to harness it to our benefit and lead a better life.
Let’s get into it.

The Three Main Cycles

A cycle consists of two main things, a beginning and an end, a high and a low. Hence we get good days and bad days.

The cycles are directly linked to our internal rhythms and begin when we are born and end when we leave this earth.
The three main cycles are:

  • Physical cycle.
  • Emotional cycle.
  • Intellectual cycle.

Physical cycle.
This is a 23-day cycle. It is associated with stamina, health, and strength. Days when your physical energy peaks are perfect for doing workouts such as HIIT and even sports.

Intellectual cycle.
This is a 33-day cycle. It is associated with critical thinking, communication, alertness, memory, and effective communication.

Emotional cycle.
This is a 28-day cycle, similar to the moons’. The cycle is directly linked to the nervous system and influences our creativity, sensitivity to people and things, our mood, and our emotional states.

Reading A Biorhythm chart

The best thing about this is that it is free and easily accessible as long as you have an internet connection.

All you need is a Biorhythm calculator. Once you’ve logged into the site, input your birthday details and get your reading for the day.

The biorhythm chart will contain three different colors.

  • Green represents -your physical energy
  • Blue represents- your intellectual energy
  • Red represents- your emotional energy

Getting a Biorhythm reading can be termed as part of self-care. You actively take the measure to prepare yourself mentally for your day and become aware of the levels of your energy. That’s why it’s best to read it every morning.

How to Apply Biorhythms to Your Life.

  1. Planning Important Occasions using Biorhythm.

    One of the best benefits and use of Biorhythms is in planning. Many individuals all over the world turn to it to get their readings before they plan for important occasions.

    Whether it’s an upcoming job interview, SAT examinations, a date with a loved one, or a mountain hike with your colleagues, the Biorhythm chart helps you plan it all.

    While taking your daily reading, there’s an option of having a week’s, a month’s, or two months reading.

    Before you pick the date for the occasions, check the graph against the dates and assess your energy levels.

    For the upcoming job interview, schedule it on a day that your intellectual energy is at its peak. If the day is pre-set, you could call in and ask for a reschedule.

    For something as special as date night, pick a date when your emotional energy is the highest, and for mountain climbing, pick a day when your physical energy is peaking.

  2. Biorhythms help you avoid disasters.

    Life is said to be full of ups and downs, moments of laughter, and others of sorrow. What if you could foresee tragedies before they happen and avoid them?

    When having your monthly reading, you’ll notice that some days are marked in red. These are Critical Days. Special days throughout the year when all three cycles cross the zero line. They occur at least five times each month.

    These are the days when a lot of people have difficulty in concentrating thus a lot of bad decisions are made then.

    Research on critical days was done by Dr. Hans Schwing in the late 1930s. After investigating a case of 1000 suicides and suicide attempts, he noticed that 60% of them occurred during the individual’s critical days.

    Therefore, it’s best to identify and plan for these critical days. If you know someone who’s suicidal or suffering from mental illnesses, with their consent, identify their critical days.

    Spend time with them during this period to ensure that they are okay. You just might be saving a life.

  3. Compatibility test with your partner.

    For a couple to have a healthy romantic relationship, they must be compatible. This does not include having similar jobs or hobbies but having similar energy levels.

    The Biorhythm calculator comes with the option of carrying out a compatibility test with a romantic partner.

    Just like you imputed your birth details, do the same for theirs. The graph will then go ahead to show if you’re emotionally, physically, and intellectually compatible.

    Although it’s rare for couples to have all three completely in sync, having ⅔ is a pretty good sign.

  4. Use Biorhythms to Manifest Wealth.

    Money is a commodity that drives the world. When we wake up, we think about how to make money and before we sleep, we think about how we spent it.

    Thus, making financial decisions should not be taken lightly.

    Using the Biorhythm calculator, identify a day that your intellectual energy is at its peak. Set aside time during the day to make financial decisions. Whether it’s budgeting for yourself and your family, figuring out where to invest your money, or making business deals.

    You don’t have to do it all in one day, but you could span it over to a period of a few intellectually peak days.

    Ensuring that you make only the best decisions, and allow money to flow freely into your household.

    Needles to say, Biorhythms have helped thousands across the globe to lead better lives and even achieve financial freedom over time. Remember to use the tips we’ve talked about and be sure to give a testimony once things begin falling in place. Start and get your Biorhythm reading today.

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