How to Conquer your Fear using Subliminal Messages

Have you ever heard that “you become what you centre yourself around?”

This is the law of attraction that subliminal messages follow. Subliminals are a topic that have led to a lot of controversies as different people associate it differently. Some believe it to be a myth, others have tried it out and reaped its benefits.

So what exactly are they? The word subliminal means beneath the threshold. These are signals perceived below the threshold level of the conscious mind. Subliminal messages are nothing new as they’ve been around since the late 1950’s. Since then, they’ve been used in some TV commercials to boost sales, in weight loss regimes and even getting rid of bad habits.

Subliminal messages are said to rewire the subconscious mind, making a person do something they normally wouldn’t.The million dollar question goes, are subliminal messages a myth or do they really work? If yes, can they be used to treat anxiety and eliminate fear? Let’s find out.

How Subliminals Work and how to Conquer Fear with them.

Are you aware of each time you breathe in and out? Or which foot moves before the other? These seemingly minute yet crucial activities are done by the unconscious mind. It processes 20,000 bits of information at the same time while the conscious mind processes only 7-9 at the same time.

Subliminal messages target the subconscious mind through auditory and visual senses.Today we’ll focus on auditory subliminal messages and how they can be used to overcome fear.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Write down the fear you want to address.

Whether it’s fear of social gatherings, public speaking or even anxiety about the future. Write it down in a journal or notebook.
Be specific and tailor it to fit you. I sometimes get anxious so I’ll write down: Sometimes I’m scared of the future. I’m scared of compromising my dreams and being who everyone says I should be.
Another example is, “ I am scared of planes even though I’m dying to see the world.”
Don’t be afraid of being honest even if you want to address your fear of spiders or mirrors.**

2. Record an audio in your voice.

There are numerous subliminal audios found on the web, but it’s’ best to be cautious.
Remember we said that subliminal messages can’t be perceived by the conscious mind.

Considering the power they carry, it’s important to be wary and not blindly trust sources from the internet.

A good alternative is to record your own. At least you’ll be sure that it’s safe. Remember the fears we wrote down, it’s time to counter attack them. In a separate line, write its opposite and record the affirmations.

I am a great public speaker. I love travelling and I feel at home in planes. I am in control. Making friends comes easy to me. I am safe. The future is mine to behold and enjoy . I can do absolutely anything. I can overcome any obstacle I face

3. Next add some nature or calming sounds to your audio.

What types of sounds calm you down? These may include bird and nature sounds, rain sounds or water rushing sounds, water rushing. If you’re not aware, listen to all three types and make your pick.

Afterwards, download a software that adds sounds to an audio. Heal my life is a great app that gives you a list of sounds and mantras to pick from. It also gives you a list of affirmations if you get stuck on coming up with your own.

4. Click Play.

Play the audio at a high frequency and listen in with your headphones or earphones. You’ll notice that you won’t even hear the words but this is how it should be. Listen at least twice a day.
As soon as you wake up and before you get to sleep. If you have to pick one, listen early in the morning preferably between 4 and 6 am. This is your subconscious’ peak time, theta state, when the atmosphere is calm. Unarguably the best time to listen.

A quote that has stuck to me since I was little says, “ you are who you think you are. Whether you think you can do it or not, either way you’re right.”

Subliminals offer you a chance to reprogram your mind into believing that you have overcome, and overtime this manifests as your reality.

Still Have doubts? Here are some proven studies on Subliminals.

In the late 1990’s, Jennifer McKendrick, David Hargreave and Adrian North, conducted a study at a British supermarket selling both French and German wine. Both types had the same price.

On days when French music was played, sales of French wine increased. Same case applied for German wine on days when German music was played. After carrying out the study, a few customers were invited for an interview. They were asked if the store’s music played a part in their choice of wine. They reported minimal to no influence of the store’s music on their wine choices.

They weren’t even aware that their wine purchases were influenced. Remarkable right? This example proves that indeed subliminal messages work.
Another experiment was done on the influence of music on sales. Ronald E. Milliman conducted a study that unmasked that when slow music was played, there was an increase in sales.

This is because the music made shoppers relax, slowed down their pace. Everybody knows that the more time you spend in a supermarket, the more things you’ll end up buying.

In Conclusion.

When you have the power to change your narrative, don’t hesitate and do so. The fears that were holding you down and making you miss various opportunities will only be a memory.

You won’t get the desired results in just a day, keep going and be persistent. Believe in yourself and the affirmation you recorded and envision yourself to be the person you said. In the end, it all comes down to how badly you want it. Take it and run with it. All the best!

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