God Is Just A Prayer Away.

The mysterious God.

We have been taught to believe that the omniscient and omnipotent one does not dwell in our midst. He lives up in the heavens with all His glory and majesty while we live here on earth many miles apart.

Again, we learn of His omnipresence and how nothing escapes His eyes. He is wise with infinite knowledge of everything because He was before everything existed. He is God. We try to understand Him who created the visible and invisible, valleys and highest mountains, and the seas and dry land.

How do we talk to the creator who knows what we are about to say before we utter a word? Will He spare time to listen to us mortals? The answer to the latter is affirmative. Yes, He listens to us. He pays attention when we talk to Him. He draws nearer to us when we call unto Him.

He wants you to talk to Him through prayer.

Your creator wants to hear from you.

Men have their innovations and creations. Things that they have created for their use and to serve them. They attend to their innovations whenever they have any problems. They are concerned when their creations are malfunctioning, untidy, or unkempt. How much more for the master creator of all universe?

Men communicate amongst themselves yet forget to talk to their creator. We talk to each other about our needs, happiness, insecurities, and fears yet we cannot talk to the sustainer of our lives about any of them. How ironical! God wants you to talk to Him as much as you talk to your friends. He desires for you to trust him more than you do your friends.

Do not be afraid to talk to Him in prayer today. Confide in Him about what you may not in fellow mortals. He is just a prayer away.

This is a call for you to develop a deeper relationship with God. You often meet with your best friend to catch up on a lot of issues from when you last met. Do you do the same with your creator? Is He your friend and do you share with Him your life? If the answer to any or both of these questions is negative, you have some work to do.

The assignment is simple – make God your friend. Friends communicate and keep in touch. The sustainer of life including yours wants to know how you are doing. He wants to help you out where you are stuck. Make the first move and talk to Him today.

Is it possible that a master could be unable to help out a junior? God who is rich in abundance can facilitate your smooth life. Pray and watch Him come to your rescue.

He knows your needs but still wants you to ask Him.

God does not act based on assumption. He is all-knowing but still wants you to ask for His help. Talking to Him does not need an appointment as is the case whenever you want to see a holder of a big office. Make known your needs and supplication to Him in prayer and He shall answer in return.

God is not selfish. So selfless is He that He always maintains channels of communication open. The problem is that you have not prayed to Him on any of the things that trouble you. Turn to Him and confide your fears and insecurities. He will calm the storm in your life because He is just a prayer away.

His ways are not your ways.

God works in mysterious ways. He comes through door A when you are waiting for Him through B. It is very difficult to understand His ways and how He operates. You just have to completely trust Him, pray, and watch Him surprise you.

So high above are the ways of God that we are unable to understand his unending love and deep concern for us whenever we call to him regardless that we may have probably wronged Him. He overlooks our faults and His love covers a multitude of sins. He loves us unconditionally because He understands us inside out and nothing is hidden from Him.

God is indiscriminate. He does not discriminate against us based on gender, race, or history. You do not have to worry that He may not answer your prayer because of your previous evil deeds. Neither do you have to worry that He will favor people of other races different from yours. He is immortal and we are equal before His eyes.

Pray in secret.

Yes, prayer can be a secret conversation between yourself and God. No one needs to hear what you have to tell Him. There are those people who do not mind praying loudly in the presence of others. There is no problem if they are okay with that.

The beauty of prayer is its confidentiality and effectiveness. What could probably be holding you back from talking to God is the fear of other people listening to your prayers. It is okay to have this kind of reservations. The good news is that God still hears prayers whispered against walls and behind closed doors.

Purpose to talk to the Almighty and let no reason stand in between your goal. You will pray in secret and He may choose to answer your prayers with greater manifestation that everyone will notice.

Prayers have no expiry date.

There is no expiry date for your prayers even if they may seem unanswered at the moment. In His own time and His wisdom, He may choose to answer you bountifully. Do not rethink talking to God in prayer because it does not go to waste. There is no dustbin of prayers in God’s throne room.

Unlike men who forget conversations they hold with their best friends; God does not forget any prayer you make to Him.

In conclusion, as you meander through the struggles of life, bear in mind that you do not have to face life alone. Talk to God, He listens. He is just a prayer away.

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