How To Get Your Prayers Answered All The Time

Do you ever feel like you’re talking to a wall when you pray?

I receive questions continually from people who want to learn how to pray effectively or why their prayers are not answered.

I love praying because prayer is the easiest way to connect and align with the universe. But many don’t realize this. Others pray but get discouraged when they don’t get the answers they desire or when they feel they are not experiencing any connection with the universe.

Have you ever felt this way? Would you like to get your prayers answered all the time? Well, you can. And in this article, we’re going to talk about HOW you can pray rightly to the universe in every situation.

What does prayer really mean?

Prayer is a difficult term to explain. There is a fair amount of confusion about what prayer is. Oftentimes, there seems to be a mix-up between ‘praying’ and ‘asking for stuff’ – where praying is seen as presenting a shopping list to the universe with the hope that it will be fulfilled.

Let’s start by defining what prayer is NOT.

Contrary to what people believe, prayer is not begging the universe to do a million things and neither is it there to tell God what to do and what not to do.

You are not praying to force its hand or get the universe to do something ungodly, or to change the world to suit whatever agenda you have.

You pray to connect with the universe and align its will to yours. It’s a way of relating to God; ourselves; and those around us. Prayer means being in the moment, being open, being present.

5 ways to get your prayers answered 100% of the time

Pick the one thing you want

The first step to praying rightly is setting your intentions on what you truly want. Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I want to accomplish?”

For someone new to praying, I’ll advise you to start with something simple and pleasant. Now write down on a piece of paper what you want to receive clearly. It should be something you want. If you try to pray for something you’re nonchalant about, you will not be motivated to act according to your heart’s desires.

When you pray, do it in a detailed fashion and in a manner like, “I’m getting a…” not in a way like “I want to get a…”

No matter how insignificant it is, doing so will help your wish be granted.

Don’t entertain a doubt

Perhaps, this is one of the most important factors in getting your prayers answered. Most of the time we think we don’t get what we want because we doubt if it will happen or not.

For example, you may be praying for a financial miracle, but there is a part of you that thinks of the lack and financial limitations surrounding you. You see the debts you owe, the loans you might have taken, and you say to yourself, “Why I’m I praying for something that’ll never happen.”

Here, I present to you the easiest way to remove doubt: Let go. When you pray for something, let go of your prayer. Don’t think too hard about it. Continue living your daily life while working towards your goal.

Forgive others

Another vital key to answered prayers is our willingness to forgive others. Frankly speaking, the universe doesn’t answer those who pray in the spirit of revenge, anger, or bitterness.

To conjure evil thoughts about another person who has just upset you is not just wrong; it is counterproductive. It breeds trouble and more anger.

So we need to pray with the spirit of love and forgiveness so our prayers can be answered.

Seek the universe’s will

Another key to successful prayer is to be sure that your will and your prayer align with the universe’s will for you.

We can understand the universe’s will for us – by constantly meditating, reading with an open mind, and honestly seeking its presence within us.

What may seem like the right thing for you may directly contradict God’s will in your life. So we must be willing to communicate with the universe so we can pour our heart to God in continual prayer.

Have faith

The more you are familiar with the workings of the universe, the deeper you’ll realize the importance of faith.

Whatever you’ve asked for will come at the appropriate time. You have to have faith and trust that you’ve sent your prayer to the universe and it will surely be accepted. After praying, keep trusting the process and holding the belief, emotion strong in your heart.

Be persistent

If your daughter asks you for a toy car – then suddenly forgets about it and never brings the subject up again, won’t you doubt her desire for it? You’d wonder if she’ll appreciate it if you gave her one right?

The universe works in the same way. And so when we ask for something, the universe wants to make sure we deeply desire what we ask for.

In essence, the universe uses our prayers as a vehicle that draws us closer to its will and what’s best for us. If we carelessly ask for something, that indicates that we won’t feel a deep sense of appreciation when we receive it.

So, the universe wants us to be persistent. Walk, talk, and commune with the universe regularly.


Prayer is not an escape from reality and responsibility. It’s a means to redeem ourselves and our choices.

Prayer focuses on reality and getting us to where we want to be. It’s not daydreams and must work for what we want. If you are nonchalant, you’re not serious about it and your prayers will not be answered.

When you pray, you should ask yourself:

How deeply do I desire this? Is it worth it? How much I’m I prepared to sacrifice for it? Do I want to accomplish this?

The purpose of living is growing. Prayer doesn’t help you magically escape the process. The universe is waiting for you. Take that bold step. Knock on its door.

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